Everyone has a right to be treated fairly, no matter what their gender, family status, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, and whether they are a member of the Traveller community.

Discrimination means treating someone differently because of any of those aspects of their identity or perceived identity.

Discrimination outside the workplace is prohibited by the European Convention on Human Rights and other European and international laws, and by Ireland’s Equal Status Act. The Act covers many different goods and services. It includes access to a place, facilities for banking, entertainment, cultural activities or transport, professional or trade services, health services, access to education and accommodation.

Workplace discrimination is, likewise, prohibited by various international and domestic laws, including Ireland’s Employment Equality Acts. The Acts cover all aspects of the employment relationship, from advertising and the interview process, to the conditions of employment, training and promotions.

If you are trying to get goods or services and you feel you are discriminated against unlawfully, you can make a claim to the Equality Tribunal. Likewise, people who experience workplace discrimination can make an application to the Rights Commissioner. If you have experienced discrimination in accessing a registered club or a licensed premises, your complaint may only be referred to the District Court.

All of these venues are designed to be a user-friendly and accessible, and they do not require that you have legal representation. If you wish to deal with your own application, we can assist you by providing information, advice and support. If you prefer, we can deal with all aspects of the application for you and attend with you as your representative on the day. Whichever style of service you choose, we will work out a set fee with you, so that you will know from the outset exactly what our service will cost.

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