The employment relationship is very highly regulated, with a range of legislation providing robust protection to employees, and placing a significant onus of responsibility on employers. I can help business clients to avoid costly disputes by advising them about compliance with their statutory obligations, and by helping them to put in place clear and comprehensive contracts and policies.

I have experience providing training and information sessions on equality and diversity in the workplace to employees, employers and human resources managers and to recruitment agencies. Such training can cover the legal rights and responsibilities of all the parties, but also presents creative “best practice” models to help businesses to harness the energy of a diverse workplace, and to deal with cultural difference in the workplace. In individual workplaces, this should take place hand-in-hand with the introduction of the best possible workplace Policies. 

Where workplace disputes arise, my starting point is to work with my clients to explore the potential of alternative dispute resolution (for example mediation) to minimise the stress and cost to all the parties of resolving the dispute.  My collaborative approach to problem-solving is balanced by my commitment to vindicating the rights of all of my clients to equal treatment and fair procedures.

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